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What is Guiding Light about?

The aim of Guiding Light is to develop, tentatively implement and empirically evaluate an intelligent lighting assistance for maintaining and improving indoor and outdoor mobility of older people at different stages of ageing process and to prepare it for market launch. As far as mobility of elderly is concerned, this goal is to be achieved by enhancing their spatial and temporal orientation by means of lighting wayguidance system.

To this end we will develop an intelligent control loop for home automation, that supports navigation, consolidates personal circadian rhythm, and individually directs attention in a timely manner through automatic light quality and quantity variations and other ambient stimuli coding.

We not only expect to achieve more directed mobility with the assistance of guiding light, but also a better structuring of activities of daily living within ageing population. Combined with a distributed information system for feedback about nature and extent of individual mobility, the system will likely lead to better care services too.